Scissor sister 

Today I braved a new challenge. The hairdressers.  For some reason finding and booking somewhere to cut my hair always stresses me out. You wear your hair with everything and I’ve been to my fair share of good,  bad and indifferent snippers over the years!  So this time I took soundings off local friends and in the end booked myself in with Off London. I have frizzy-curly hair and people tend to think I am just being overly coy about it when I say that.  I’m not.  Blow-dry this bad boy wrong and I end up with some kind of kinky pompom on my head! 

But the guy,  Chris,  at Off London was great.  And I LOVE having my hair washed,  brushed and fiddled with.  I think my fav thing is the head massage (and here the chairs also massaged!). The cut is lovely and the blow dry done with plenty of attention to detail which always feels nice. Next time I need my colour sorting buy I think I should feel like I’m in pretty safe hands!  #win 

The additional bonus is that I have an important meeting this afternoon and I do at least feel like I look reasonable 🙂


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