A bottom friendly parcel

Recently I bought a shed load of toilet rolls and tissues from the company “Who gives a Crap”. I was drawn to their site by their aims to spend half of their profits providing toilets for those who don’t have them (around the world) and the other half is invested back into the company. I really admired this because, let’s face it, toilet roll as a product isn’t sexy or cool, and providing toilets for those who don’t have them (good sanitation helps prevent the spread of disease and is important for dignity and reduecing pollution in the environment) is not a particularly easy sell either. The title of the company, Who Gives a Crap, also seemed to speak to this lack of incentive to try to get people concerned/interested in a cause/product related to pooping and peeing!


Buying loo rolls without a car is one of those slightly annoying things to get home- its not heavy but it’s cumbersome! So the free home delivery was a major plus for me. Additionally, the rolls are ethically produced in terms of using recycled paper products, not being dyed, and generally being sustainable. HOWEVER my personal fav part about the rolls is the cuteness of the wrapping- which I know is ridiculous, but given that it’s a unsexy product which makes us reflect on very necessary but generally unspoken things, cuteness should not be under-rated:


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