Back to Back

I’m sorry, I’ve been very remiss about writing! We slid back into life here and my voice sort of dried up. There have been some fun and games around work projects and we’ve had some of my partner’s lovely family here. In addition it has been super cold, and today hideously grey, flat and flattening. Seeing all my UK friends enjoying the summer there has made ending up in a winter for the second time in 12 months all the more challenging.

So what to tell you? We went to a wonderful restaurant with my partner’s family called Tipsy Bull on Lonsdale street. We ended up there slightly by accident as the restaurant we had planned to go to was fully booked. But it worked out wonderfully and I cannot recommend the place enough. Lots of small tapas plates (not necessarily or indeed often Spanish tapas in style) which meant tasting and trying lots of really interesting things. I particularly enjoyed the Kingfish Sashimi, and the Pork ribs- both of which was surprising- the first because I’m not much of a fan of fish, and the second because pork is rarely something I feel I want to wax lyrical about! But they were delicious! The restaurant also does, like,  a million different types of gin (which is RIGHT up my partner’s street!). I stuck to an Aperol Spritz (although this was slightly too watery for my taste) and then some excellent white wine. The place isn’t cheap by any means but it was ridiculous particularly given the quality of food, wine and service.


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