Ohmigoodness it is seriously chilly here this week! Over the weekend it got down to -6 degrees at night. Last night I slept in a t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, hoodie, trackies and woolly socks!! The housing here (confusingly) doesn’t seem to be made to withstand the cold- whilst the heater does a good job of blasting warm air into the flat the moment I turn it off the heat dissipates!

Screenshot 2017-07-04 20.29.20

So the above is the forecast for here. Let’s compare with the forecast for my parent’s back in the ‘cold and rainy UK’:

Screenshot 2017-07-04 20.31.45

Please note that this is my “not even slightly impressed” face.

As I result I have been doing a good job of pretending to hibernate. The office is sort of warmer than the flat and its good to being around my office mates whilst my other half is away (otherwise I’d totally end up as some kind of hermit!) but when I get back (even if I stick the heating on for an hour or so) I tend to get wrapped up in hoodie, trackies, socks, dressing gown, and blanket and do a bit more work… which makes it super tricky to muster the effort to go to yoga. Its cold and dark out there. I have to walk in the cold and dark. My yoga pants are thin. I’d be cold on the walk. Plus, did I mention, it’s dark out there. Besides I’m doing some good work here… sort of… and anyways I’d be cold on the walk, in the dark. Might as well just stay here.

It has not been a good few days for exercise! #fail

(Can’t wait until I’m bitching about the heat on here…. 😉 )


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