A Bag of Wine

This evening, gentle reader, I am test driving a new Aussie novelty. Actually, importantly, I am not driving anywhere- I have just opened a ‘bag of wine’, affectionately known here as (please say I am getting this right and not accidentally saying anything offensive!!) a ‘goon bag’. Lovely. What could sound classier?! I bought a ‘posh’ goon bag because… it’s wine in a box/bag thing! I figured if I was going to try one out (which is obviously required as a cultural thing… ) I might as well try a decent-ish one?! I’ve no idea if I’ve bought a decent one but I know I can’t drink the £3 wine from Tesco anymore in the UK (sad times- my taste buds just won’t do it!) so this is apparently a ‘premium’ box of wine. Sounds oxymoronic.

So…. cheers! Let’s see what this is like….

Reporting back:

Ok, it smells slightly musty… (nice). I’ve put about 11 ice cubes in it to ‘help’ and it tastes… fine… It’s not hideous but I’m not sure it’ll be my favourite wine but it is drinkable. (Unlike the other bottle of wine in the fridge! Which I have relegated to ‘cooking only’, shockingly!)


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