Getting our Art on

My partner and I wanted some art work to spruce up and add some colour to our nice but exceedingly colourless flat. Like almost all rental properties the ‘blank canvas’ choice of neutral colours means that you can put what you like in the flat and appeals to the widest range of tastes but also means (particularly in a relatively small place) that it can begin to feel rather like a hotel room or holiday apartment rather than a home. With it being winter here and dark quite early we don’t yet get to use our balcony and throw open our big windows which I am hoping will increase the sense of space when it gets warmer and lighter.

So, long story not very short we wanted to brighten the place up. We have slightly different ideas of how to go about this- I have put loads of photos of family and friends and us on various holidays around the place and my partner goes around grumbling and tries to stealthily remove as many as possible. So we thought about buying some local art work- we looked at the Bus Depot Markets which has some nice pieces of original art but its still really out of our price range, particularly if  its possible that we won’t be able to ship it back to the UK! What, then, to do?

Well it turns out, make your own! We each bought a canvas and some acrylic paints, then some brushes, and (for myself) some other implements for painting- including a decorators brush, a roller and a loofah… well you never know! And then this weekend we coated our large table with bin liners and stuck them to the floor around the table, and I wore one as a whole body apron (my other half declined and managed to avoid getting paint on himself-  I managed to get some on a t-shirt despite wearing this plastic tent! Of course!). We work in very different styles. My partner carefully copied an impressionist landscape (brightly coloured and contemporary impressionism). I threw paint at the canvas until I decided what I wanted to make in large, semi-abstract gestural strokes…. And these were my outcomes (my other half is still tinkering with his and I suspect that even when it’s finished he won’t let me photograph it! Although it looks awesome!). So I’m afraid you’re stuck with two of mine, one a homage to Georgia O’Keeffe and my interest in feminism…. and the other an abstract interpretation of a bottle of champagne…. “these are a few of my favourite things!”

Now they might not be gallery-worthy but I beats having Ikea prints on the walls and they certainly brighten the place up. Given that the canvases cost me about $12 a pop and the paints altogether about the same amount (plus about $6 for brushes and loofah!), and the entertainment value I would say they are pretty bargainous! In fact, I enjoyed it so much (and I think my other half did too) that we’ll have to be careful not to overstock the flat with our random daubings!


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