Keep on Trucking

Its pretty chilly mid-winter here and on social media I have been gazing sadly at my home friends summer holiday photos- BBQs, beach trips, sunny parks…. (all whilst knowing that this still represents a very short amount of time in the Great British Summer). And my other half, who has been working largely from home on his own, has also been starting to feel a sense of chaffing.

Now that I’ve been here nearly 4 months some of the ‘novelty’ is wearing off a little I suspect. The days have been passing like a blizzard (without either snow flakes or weather cold enough for snow flakes thankfully!) full of work, and chores, and food shopping and I guess this is the bit when you work out that we are living somewhere for the foreseeable future not just visiting. And most of our ‘home’ friends and family won’t be able to visit any time soon. So we need to get stuck in. Properly.

Our flat is sweet but quite small and given the short days quite dark at times. When we had our flat warming party only 4 people from our neighbouring flats took us up on our invitation so we haven’t really got to know too many people here. Work is providing me with a source of friendly people to chat to (although given that we all work in the same sort of area things can get a bit work intense… and then intense again when I get home to talk to my partner who also works in the same area). I think partly because it is cold (and unlike when its cold in the UK you get to look forward to Christmas and the various associated festivities) our local friends seem to have gone into semi-hibernation. I suspect many people’s favourite occupations in the evenings and weekends at the moment is the ubiquitous “Netflix and chill”. We’ve also been partly in hibernation. My partner  (‘s liver) has been recuperating after a week of frolics whilst his family were visiting Australia and I’ve been catching up with the latest season of “The Secret Life of the Zoo”. I know, super cool.

But now, we need to get out. The cabin fever is beginning to descend. Tomorrow, fortunately for our sanity, we have a housewarming dinner with a new colleague of mine and his family. Then I’m thinking I need to come up with some awesome plans for this weekend… so I’m trawling the local ‘What’s On’ pages in the hope of inspiration… inspiration strong enough to pull us out of our warm shell which is slowly but surely going to drive us crazy!

Wish us luck!


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